Japanese Student Association at the University of Washington


Who we are 

The Japanese Student Association at the University of Washington promotes Japanese culture and traditions to the greater Seattle community. We offer a variety of cultural events throughout the year.

Wong Fu Yappie

Upcoming Event

Wong Fu Yappie

November 27th • 7:30 PM • Kane Hall 130

The Chinese Student Association at the University of Washington (CSA), in partnership with HKSA, JSA, and VSA, invites you out for an evening with Wong Fu Productions! Watch their latest video series “Yappie” with Phil and Wesley and participate in a live Q&A session following the screening. VIP Meet and Greet will follow the Q&A.


Past Events


Membership Card

JSA Membership Card

By becoming a member you will get discounts to our events and many stores on the Ave listed below. They only cost $5 and can be purchased at our booth in Red Square.

Kaiwa Table


Every Wednesday • 5:30 PM • HUB Starbucks

A friendly environment for English and Japanese-learners to meet and socialize. Make new friends while improving your language skills. Free & open to non-UW students.
Learn more here

JSA Tabling

Mon through Fri • 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM • Red Square

Come learn more about JSA, buying an event ticket, and getting a membership card at our tabling booth. Everyone is welcome to stop by and chat with us!


More information coming soon!

Matsuri is JSA’s largest annual event that features delicious food, traditional games, and exciting performances. We will post more information as soon as possible!

Check out last year’s Matsuri here




Cedar’s - 10% off

Wan Yen - 10% off

Meesum - 25¢ off each drink

Thai 65 - 10% off cash only

Chili’s South Indian Cuisine - 10% off cash only more than $10

Noodle Nation - Free Thai Tea (one glass per person)

O Dessert - 10% cash only

Orange King - Free soda / no tax with cash

Tea Republic - 10% off drinks cash only

U:DON - 10% off noodle bowls, tempura & sides

Ugly Mug Cafe - 10% off

Mr. Lu - 10% off

A Burger Place - Free soda on purchases over $7

University Kitchen - Free soda can

Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery - 10% off over $10, 5% off under $10

Madeleine Bakery - 10% off cash only

Santouka - 10% off + Free chashu

Henry’s - 10% off cash only

C Fruit Life - 5% off cash only

Ding Tea - Free topping except crystal boba (9/20 ~ 10/20 only)

Citra - 5% off for any drinks

Little Thai - 10% off cash only

Beetle Cafe - 10% off cash only for purchases over $10